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Please e-mail if you would like to join the Competition Committee.  Include your name, e-mail address, and phone number.


Competition Committee:

Cindy Reddish

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David Warner

Bruce Brown

David Miller


Kelley Rampey

Rob Meneely



To grow in the direction the industry desires us to, we are forming committees to achieve this synergy.  The committees will help with all aspects: class specifications, educating the industry and shows about this league, rules, points, trophies designs, etc.  This will be the exhibitor’s league!  If you are interested in being on a committee please e-mail us at: 



Please call if you would like to hold one of these classes at an upcoming event. 




Mail Address: PO Box 400, Venice, FL 34284


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How do horse shows apply to hold these classes?

There is an easy application that show management sends to us 14 days *** prior to the show.  An entrant fee will be paid by the show to Huntfield – NQHL of $15 per entry in the class.  There are many different levels of prize money point scales making it accessible to all size shows.  The individual shows will be responsible for the prize money for the classes they choose to hold at their event. 


Please call if you would like to hold one of these classes at an upcoming event. 



What horse shows can apply to have these classes?

Simply: The competition (show or special event) is recognized by USEF, NSBA, or AQHA.

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The sponsor levels available are

Title $20000.00+
Stirrup Cup $10000.00+
Platinum (Master of the Hunt) $5000.00+
Gold (Fox) $2500.00-$4999.00
Silver (Whipper-In) $1000.00-$2499.00
Bronze (Coop) $500.00 - $999.00 or in-kind donation

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